Is there Maternity Insurance with no waiting period?

Having a baby or planning to have one is one exciting event and experience for a couple. There is a diverse behavior when it comes to pregnancy or planning for a baby. Most young couples would just throw themselves into the idea without any planning on the coming of a baby. Other couples, the more matured and educated ones, will consider careful planning which would include having maternity or pregnancy insurance.

Maternity Coverage

Maternity insurance is a health plan designed to cover medical costs that go along with pregnancy and child birth. It should cover the prenatal expenses, childbirth or delivery and postnatal care. The coverage should be for both mother and child.

Considering the high cost of medical care in the United States, it is no surprising that majority of insurance providers have taken out this coverage from their health insurance packages. Afraid of high exposure, insurance providers exclude pregnancy or maternity coverage although there are still some insurance providers who, under certain specific conditions and circumstances, include this extremely costly and complex health care plan for pregnant women.

Waiting Period

One such condition insurers give is a waiting period ranging from 3 months to one year or more before pregnancy could be allowed.  Pregnancy to some insurance providers is considered a preexisting condition, excluding it from the insurance coverage. In the case of an employee provided with a health insurance by the employer, an average waiting period of 3 months (from date of coverage) is given before the employee can get pregnant or before the insured can claim benefits. Other employers may have a different condition on the waiting period. Some employers consider maternity insurance as an optional coverage which the employee may avail on condition of additional payment to be shouldered by the employee.

Already pregnant women will find it hard to get covered. Their only option is to check out state- or federal-funded healthcare plans which could include coverage even if women are already expecting. But even this option presents some challenges such as eligibility and other state-specific requirements. The best way is to check out in advance all the requirements of the state for maternity coverage if you are planning to conceive a baby. This will at least give you an alternative just in case you are not able to get the maternity insurance in time for the child birth.

So, the question really is, “Is there maternity insurance with no waiting period?” Are there insurance providers who are sensitive enough to the needs of pregnant women?

The answer is yes. While most maternity insurance requires a waiting period before receiving maternity coverage or before the insured can get pregnant especially for employer-sponsored health insurance, there are other insurers who do not impose a waiting period. Maternity insurance with no waiting period is likely unable to provide hefty paybacks in the first year or two of coverage. This is despite the fact that you are to shell out (from your own pocket) additional money to pay for the coverage. The maternity insurance will cover an already pregnant woman, at an additional premium fee, but with less benefits until after the third or fourth year of coverage. And if this is the kind of maternity insurance you are likely to afford, long child birth planning is recommended.

For those who can afford the high cost of insurance premiums for maternity coverage with no waiting period, it’s all just a matter of choosing the insurance provider who can give the best payback in terms of benefits from prenatal, supplements, childbirth until postnatal or post baby and mother care.

Other Options

For pregnant women who are not covered by maternity insurance at all, there are other options to check, which will somehow help alleviate the burdening costs of childbirth.

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